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To make the most of your Social Security benefits When most individuals prepare for retirement, they count on three streams of income: employer administered retirement plans, typically a defined benefit plan and defined contribution plan such as a
Cheap jerseys 401(k); independent savings and investment; and Social Security. All too often, retirees end up depending on Social Security income to a greater extent than they had planned. That make is all the more important that they make the right decisions about maximizing their benefits. Once a person has made basic choices about benefits, they will not be able to change them, so it is imperative to understand all options and their implications. As I’ve discussed in this column before, you have a fair amount
Wholesale NFL jerseys of leeway as to when you claim your Social Security income. You can start receiving benefits as early as 62, as late as 70, or at full retirement age (FRA), which falls in between. Taking your benefits earlier reduces their amount. When should you begin? That depends on a

How to Teach a Young Offensive Lineman to Stay with His Block The running game is the first aspect related to offensive football that coaches teach young players. Running with the ball is all about offensive linemen getting off the line of scrimmage and opening holes for the running back. This requires aggression, strength, footwork and power. While the initial explosion of the offensive lineman may be responsible for giving the running back a crease through which to run, the ability to sustain that block keeps the hole open and helps the running back gain additional yards. Step 1 Move out of your stance the instant the ball is snapped and drive your hands into the chest of the defensive lineman. You must deliver a stunning blow with your hands to get the defensive lineman moving backward to open a hole for the running back. Step 2 Drive with your feet throughout the process of blocking your opponent. This is called chopping your feet, and must be sustained throughout the blocking process. Take short, quick steps, and do not stop until you hear the whistle. Step 4 Drive him down and to the ground to finish the block. When you get the defensive lineman off of his feet, he cannot get involved in the tackle. This is dangerous, and it can lead to serious injury. Being quick on your feet is a necessary skill for an offensive lineman; but being agile being able to accelerate, decelerate, change direction and maintain balance while all of the distractions of the game itself are playing out around you, will enhance your game.

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