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5 Tips for Writing for a Global Marketplace bookstore. Follow these four tips for international correspondence and you can avoid Electrolux and PepsiCo costly, embarrasing mistakes. Your foreign contacts will translate your writing word for word
Wholesale jerseys from China and phrases we take for granted may throw your contact for a semantic loop. If you write, "We take a meeting," your contact may wonder what you going to do with the meeting once you have it. Be as literal as possible, even if you have to use more words or you feel that you sound less up to date. Your foreign contact is likely not current on American business jargon anyway, and will appreciate a clear, understandable style. 2. Keep it short. The five dollar words of corporatese have no place in international correspondence (or in domestic correspondence, for that matter see 6 Tips for Energizing Your Marketing Writing. Why confuse your contacts with "irregardless" and "agreeance" (which are not even words) when English

Spielman would not put a timeframe on when Peterson might be back. these legal matters are resolved, that he will remain on this exemption list, he said. A day and a half earlier, the Vikings said Peterson would rejoin the team after missing Sunday loss
Wholesale NFL jerseys to New England. The backlash to that announcement was significant. The Vikings had at least one major sponsorship suspended. Several prominent NFL advertisers, including Anheuser Busch, expressed concern about the league recent off the field problems, which include former Ravens running back Ray Rice and the indictment of Peterson. The governor was critical. Fans were angry. Castrol Motor Oil, Special Olympics Minnesota and Mylan Inc. all severed ties with Peterson. Twin Cities area Nike stores pulled Peterson jerseys from its shelves and the team canceled an appearance at a children home. Mark Wilf dismissed the suggestion that Peterson was barred strictly because of sponsor concerns. not, he said. value our partners, our sponsors, our

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